Noora in English

Hi there! I’m Noora, a 31 year old architect living in Alppiharju, Helsinki. I’m a candidate of the Left Alliance running for the Helsinki City Council in the spring of 2017.

My main agenda revolves around three issues: cost of living, city planning and education.

Helsinki should be developed in a sustainable way and it’s future attractions and key venues should be based on the local culture. In my opinion it is only in this way that we can create a city that is both attractive to visit and wonderful to live in.

Helsinki and the greater Helsinki area are facing a tremendous shortage of reasonable priced housing. In my view, the key is to add the amount of plot land that the city is selling and renting out. We are only able to lower the costs of living in the Helsinki area by increasing the housing production – we should not lower the quality of living.

Education is one of the key services the city offers to it’s habitants. Right now the education sector suffers of ”streamlining of services” which actually means budget cuts. In the same time, more families are staying in the city instead of moving to neighbouring cities. This situation is not viable – education is facing a lot of new challenges with how to integrate digital tools and new media into curriculum (etc.) but the budget cuts undermine any possibilities on development work to be done. And this is by no means the fault of our qualified, well educated teachers.

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Not sure, if you can vote in the municipal elections? Check out the information graphic by YLE.

Noora in Short:

Education: Architect, M.Sc. (Aalto University 2017)

Work: architect in a private company in Harju, course teacher in the Department of Architecture, Aalto University. Previous work experience from the Association of Finnish Architects, from construction site and from the Hakaniemi Market hall.

Positions of trust: member of the construction committee of Helsinki, chairperson of Left Alliance Kallio subdivision, vice-member of the board in Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK.