I’m Noora, a 37 year old architect living in Alppiharju, Helsinki. I’m a candidate in the parliamentary elections for the Left Alliance in the spring of 2023.

My main agenda for the elections is linked to climate change and how we are able to reduce emissions in a socially sustainable way.

– Promoting sustainable climate policy solutions in energy solutions, built environment issues and business policy.

– Strengthening the foundations of the welfare state: the Nordic welfare model is based on foresight and taking care of the conditions for well-being: getting help at a low threshold, high-quality early childhood education, the functioning of society’s safety nets and high-quality, accessible higher education for all.

– Stopping the biodiversity loss: biodiversity must be taken into account not only in questions directly related to nature conservation, but also in the areas of land use and economic policy.

– Promotion of equality and human rights: asylum application processes must be fixed, resources must be increased to combat violence against women, and legislation that discriminates against sexual and gender minorities must be changed

Noora in Short:

Education: Architect, M.Sc. (Aalto University 2017)

Work: architect in Vantaa City Planning office; course teacher in the Department of Architecture, Aalto University. Previous work experience include working in a private architecture office, two summers as a construction worker and many summers selling yarn the Hakaniemi Market hall.

Positions of trust: deputy member of the Urban Environment committee of Helsinki and vice-chairperson of the Buildings and Public spaces sub-division, deputy member of the board of Tekniikan Akateemiset TEK ry.